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Whenever I have a big project or something major happen in my life it seems that Lj is the first thing to suffer. Crackbook is a close second. This time its lots of mask making. I haven't gotten photos of everything yet but I'll start with the mask that I have lost the most sleep over. I haven not worked in wire since my intro to sculpture in college and I'm starting to remember why. I like a challenge but not something so frustrating that the cuss jar has a nice jingle to it. This was right in that perfect middle ground where I may have gotten a new gray hair but its worth it. I have a funny feeling that the project that I have my hands in right now is going to be the same way. Its nothing that hard to tool or sculpt but its going to be a large number of small bits all individually tooled and attached to a base. I want to have a nice set of horns to wear to the Beltane Ball this weekend but if they were attached to a mask they just wouldn't sit right. So I'm making a headband/crown/headdress thing to go along with my mask. I'll try and remember to get in progress shots but I'm on a bit of a tight deadline and if things start to get all wonky the last thing I'm going to have time to do is take photos.


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Apr. 27th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
great googly moogly that is pretty
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