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Has it really been that long? *headdesk

The bee sting continues to spread.  Don't panic, this is a good thing.  The swelling is going down and the hard portion is down to a lump rather than the whole side and back of my leg.  The area of the thing is easily three times the size of my hand if not more with a nice big purple bulls eye where a few blood vessels just couldn't take the pressure.  Just so you know it is a BAD idea to get impatient with a sting and PINCH it to pull it out rather than scraping across or pulling it out with some sort of topical treatment.  When you are stupid(like me) and grab the damn thing you squeeze all the venom out of the little sack on the end so I'm having a reaction more like two stings in the same spot.  
On a lighter note, deer's ears are freaking huge.  I'm reworking my deer mask while I'm too doped up on off brand Benedryl to trust myself with painting or sculpting.  I'm trying to make him a little more realistic and try something new with the stuff on his antlers.  I want to eventually do a different version for each of the seasons but I'm not sure how far I want to to take the variations. On the low end I could do as little as changing colors on a set foliage design on the antlers.  On the crazy far end I could have different flora on each season.  Holly for winter, flowers for spring, oak for summer, wheat and maple leaves in all their colorful glory for fall.  I also am playing with different color variations on the deer if not different species for each one.  Something like Carabu or a white deer for winter, chital/pale for spring,   and red deer/a more warm base summer,white tail/darker, cooler browns for fall. (flipflopping on the last two)  I hope this still sounds like a good idea in the morning and isn't just me yammering while slightly off from antihistamines. 
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Hello again everyone!  I'm taking a quick break from the insanity that is preparing for Halloween for an update.  I've got minimal costume orders this year but the Halloween wedding that I am masking is more than making up for the insanity.  This year I am determined to have a well put together costume that isn't all from my costume bin.  Its been too long since I've put together something for myself from design to finish.  I've got the first sketches done but they are on body blanks so they look really messy.  The costumer in me will not let this slide.  A little tracing and digging out the prismacolors will fix everything.  

The art walk was absolutely fantastic!  I got third in show!!!!   I think I might be able to pull off making money on my art.  Things are still absolute crap with the economy so I'm not quitting my day job.  If anything I am looking at picking up something else part time.  I hope that I can establish myself well enough that when things get better I can really settle into being a full time artist.   

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Sorry that post have been few and far between. Getting ready for the art walk has eaten all my time. So here is a quick and dirty update.
~The medusa set turned out awesome and is in a very happy home.
~I'm working on an escremma bag that is eating my hands with all the stitching.
~Just donated a pink dogwood mask for the auction before the art walk.
~I've got most of the masks cut out for the wedding I'm masking in October
~I've got a proper vending tent now though I still want to decorate the crap out of it in the future and make it look like a gypsy tent.
~It seems like now that I need to have lots of masks on hand people are wanting to buy up my stock. Its going to make me loose a little more sleep but I need the money so no complaints.
enough stuff onto pictures!

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So here is the mask portion of the medusa set that I have been going on about for far too long.

One problem. I came up with a better method of painting the snakes while working on the head dress so I'm going to redo the mask and let the client pick what she likes better. That means that I am going to have a spare medusa for sale soon. If anyone is interested start to save your pennies. This one is going to go for $150.

So I got an email the other night that I was accepted to show at the Birmingham Art Walk. Not only is this a huge local shindig its my first time participating in a real event. I vended a baby con once before with some help but this will be all me. I have until September 9th to get my act together but I have so much to do that it is going to be a little bit of brain squish. I think this will be a good test to see if I might be able to do this sort of thing for a living or at least a supplement to my income. 

I've sat down with a calendar and set goals and deadlines to help keep myself on track. I've got a lot of long days ahead but it is all going to be worth it.

Wait, when did i get busy?

Things have just been insane over the past few months. I'm not sure where to start to get everything caught up. I have a HUGE list of orders to be filled. I need a bigger white board to keep up with everything now. I'm half temped to use one of the big kitchen windows until things get back down to a smaller list. Now that my life had calmed down for just a moment I think I can start to catch up. Tomorrow I meet with a client about making several bags for his escrima and knife fighting class. I've got a mock up in duct tape and cardboard to show. He says he may want as many as 9 o_o. I can always use the money. Saving for a house and always upgrading my equipment make for quite the cash hole.

After that I have a meeting with some ladies who might want to pay me a whole much to do henna for a large bat mitzvah party. They are from the same synagogue that I did henna for last time I think. I hope so. Last time they were super sweet, paid well, and sent me home with enough food for two people for three days. The roast peppers were amazing.

Wednesday I'm planning on spending all day working on masks. The Medusa mask and headdress is scaring the shit out of me but at the same time I'm loving the challenging work. Every time I do something that is just out of reach of my skill I either crash and burn, spending several days curled in a wad and eating ice cream or making a jump in my skills. I'm almost out of ice cream so I'm crossing my fingers. I've put this project off long enough. If that goes well I'll be starting on the build for a fiberglass mask on Thursday. Never done anything like this before so once again, ice cream or awesome. I know that both could wait till September but I hope that I will be swamped with Halloween and witches' ball orders by then. Not to mention the Halloween wedding that I am masking!

I've had a few requests for corsets but I dont know if I have the needed brain power to pattern one atm. Once again, for enough money I will make just about anything. Even things from the list of three things that I will never make again if someone has a big enough wad of cash (non sequential bills please).

I hope to post more often once the laptop is brought back from the dead. Lj will be my escape from overworking myself.

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The maple mask and crown has been a huge hit. I already have several orders and requests for similar. This is so helping me get the lead out and being a little braver with my work. I'm always that people are not going to like the way that I want to make masks but after the ball I'm starting to actualy beleve in myself more. I've got plans for a medusa version of the mask/crown combo that I am getting kinda excited about. I've been doodling ideas for a medusa mask for a while now and I was not quite sure how to get the coverage and movement that I wanted in the snakes but I think that the head peice will work for the design that I have in my head. I've looked at other leather medusa masks but none of them have enough snakes for what I see in my head. If the medusa gets as good of reviews expect larger stuff from me.