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productive crafter

So nine masks are sculpted out of the twenty five cut out. I know it seems like a lot but I am trying to get a bit of stock for fashing, Mardi Gras, the con in April and starting an Etsy. Besides, it finished off the last bit of leather so I can get that enormous box out of the way.

When there is a day that isn't so overcast I'll get pictures of my new duck tape laptop bag! Its bigger than I planned but it holds everything I need to keep myself amused for hours. A little decoration with more duck tape and a little sharpie and I'll have a masterpiece. Three rolls of tape, two zippers, half a camping pad and a whole lot of cussing went into this thing and I'm damn proud of it.

Christmas is on its way and trying to save money has pushed me into making everyone's gifts yet again. I've started earlier this year and have it streamlined to one of three things. A hula hoop (yes its home made) a leather dice bag or a duct tape wallet. I'm not exactly sure how to wrap the hula hoop but cling wrap is looking like a good idea. And by good idea I mean tons of fun watching my little sister try and unwrap it.


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Dec. 17th, 2010 10:42 pm (UTC)
you are at awesome production levels. Can't wait to see the laptop bag!
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