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I have got to get better about updating here more often. I've gotten sucked into facebook. I think I'm going to start making Thursday update day so that I have a regular schedule to stick to. Since I work Friday through Monday its the last day of my weekend so I should have some sort of project finished or at least an update. I'm also going to try and have pictures in every post. One big block of text is not near as much fun to read as something with a little visual stimulation.

Is there anything that you out there in cyber space would like to see as I update? More sketches? More old art? Things that inspire me?

So to keep that new pledge of pictures in posts here are the latest three masks that I have almost done.

Its been too humid with the snow to seal the things so they have just a little ways to go. I've started to play with gold leaf for my metallic rather than paint. Its tedious work but man is it worth it. The way that the real gold catches the light gives such life to the work that I'm not going to be looking back. When I a little more cash I'll be getting silver and brass leaf as well.

I've got an oops turned awesome in the oven as I type. I've been working on a new fox mask with pretty curls and swirls (that I put on everything) but when I was cutting out the eyes my knife slipped and made a gash down the nose. I wasn't bleeding but I was still pissed because I had ruined a nice bit of leather. I threw it in the scrap pile but the next day it kept looking at me and I had an idea. I continued the cut all the way down the face and added another above the eye and up into the ear on the opposite side. Then I went at it with a hole punch and stitched the two sides back together before forming it. There is not design or tooling to take away from the stitching but I'm not sure what color to paint it. Since I'm going to have to take out the wax thread to paint it anyway I'm going to use some more decorative color in the stitching too.

I haven't posted in a long while so the rant is just going to go on and on it seems.

Now that I have an Etsy shop if you see anything that you like I can easily sell it too you!  There are only three masks at the moment but I'm planning on making pretty things for hair, duct tape bags like in the post before and all sorts of other little crafty things.  Its going to be nice to have a little funding for my creative outlets. 


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Jan. 12th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
this post came at exactly the right time! i too am getting on facebook more often though i resent it; livejournal is the only social site that matters to me. however, i've been out of the loop, so whatever works, works. the thursday scheduling sounds lovely. i love seeing the art you make, and eventually i'll buy some. keep doing what you're doing.
Jan. 12th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
I haven't heard form you in forever!! Send me your address again. I lost it when I swapped over to a laptop. We should trade art some time.
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