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yet another i'm not dead yet

I was so ready to get better about posting. What happened? Oh, yeah, the whole house thing. Quick update: I have a kitchen! Floor was a birch to rip up. Whoever put the floor down used the wrong sort of adhesive and should have horrible things done to their kneecaps with a drill because of it. New floor is down, baseboards nailed in and painted. Now to the den and living room. It had been a home for all the unpacked boxes but no more! There are a few boxes of random kitchen crap and other weird odds and ends on the dining room table but those are soon to be gone along with the table. I know that the old table that gran got was great at the time but now I have a nice solid pub style dining table in the garage thanks to the in laws that needs to be moved upstairs. I might put it on cregs list so that someone else will haul it off. One more damn heavy cabinet to move in the den and we can move the tv to its final resting place. Getting netflicks as soon as that happens.
As soon as all of that is done I'm going to do a serous purge and organize of my art stuff. I've been hording for years and its time for some of it to go. I'm already down to a sixth of what my fabric stash used to be. This is when it kinda sucks to be a 'multimedia' kinda person. If I only worked in fabric, or leather or paint or any single media I could control the mess but I have a little bit of everything. I'm craft ADD. I know that I dont' really knit anymore so yarn stash is slashed down to one drawer rather than 3 Tupperware and the biggest basket ever. I can not bring myself to throw out the nice cotton or the uber pretty sock yarn. I've also slashed my comic collection. It all fits in one 18 in long box. Its a really strange feeling to have so few comics that I can hold them all at one time. The trip to the comic shop to sell them is gonna hurt I know but its ones that I have no desire to re read and are not getting any sort of value so its time. Ive gotten rid of so much already but there is so much left to go. It seems an impossible task but that has never stopped me before. There is a plus to being stubborn.
I have had a chance to make a little bit in the way of art. One of my bosses needed a mask to wear to a spring festival so I cranked out this one. The lighting I was using wasn't the best so I got a little happy with the gilding.

When the sun hits the gold its downright obnoxious.

Speaking of masks I'm going to push myself to make the masks that I really want to and not the ones that I thing will sell. What I'm doing now is safe and bordering craft rather than being art. With the next mask or two I sell I'm using all that money to spent on supplies. I'll still be working in leather but it will be more sculptural and set with stones and perhaps stranger things. I also want to start attaching cowls and making masks that cover the entire face so there is no way of recognizing the person underneath. I'm not just talking about a little piece of fabric either. I want an elaborate mane full of furs, ribbons and weird trinkets. I may be starting small and conservative but I seriously doubt that is where I'm going to end up.


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Apr. 13th, 2011 01:59 pm (UTC)
<3 Glad you are still kicking!
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