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Wait, when did i get busy?

Things have just been insane over the past few months. I'm not sure where to start to get everything caught up. I have a HUGE list of orders to be filled. I need a bigger white board to keep up with everything now. I'm half temped to use one of the big kitchen windows until things get back down to a smaller list. Now that my life had calmed down for just a moment I think I can start to catch up. Tomorrow I meet with a client about making several bags for his escrima and knife fighting class. I've got a mock up in duct tape and cardboard to show. He says he may want as many as 9 o_o. I can always use the money. Saving for a house and always upgrading my equipment make for quite the cash hole.

After that I have a meeting with some ladies who might want to pay me a whole much to do henna for a large bat mitzvah party. They are from the same synagogue that I did henna for last time I think. I hope so. Last time they were super sweet, paid well, and sent me home with enough food for two people for three days. The roast peppers were amazing.

Wednesday I'm planning on spending all day working on masks. The Medusa mask and headdress is scaring the shit out of me but at the same time I'm loving the challenging work. Every time I do something that is just out of reach of my skill I either crash and burn, spending several days curled in a wad and eating ice cream or making a jump in my skills. I'm almost out of ice cream so I'm crossing my fingers. I've put this project off long enough. If that goes well I'll be starting on the build for a fiberglass mask on Thursday. Never done anything like this before so once again, ice cream or awesome. I know that both could wait till September but I hope that I will be swamped with Halloween and witches' ball orders by then. Not to mention the Halloween wedding that I am masking!

I've had a few requests for corsets but I dont know if I have the needed brain power to pattern one atm. Once again, for enough money I will make just about anything. Even things from the list of three things that I will never make again if someone has a big enough wad of cash (non sequential bills please).

I hope to post more often once the laptop is brought back from the dead. Lj will be my escape from overworking myself.


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Jun. 28th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
one day Ill have a wad of cash and want another corset!
YOU can do it! You won't crah and burn!
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